Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015

- September 5, 2016



Cats and Dogs love their fur-less counterparts, babies.

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Comments (1419)

  • I see cats as pets who like to sleep either on my bed/me or on my floor, Babies see cats as pillows.

    Jack Crute - 6 days ago

  • This comment is for everybody who is thinking this and anybody who has already posted about this. A dog/cat licking a babies face isn't a big deal. If it was,

    -the parents in these videos would have their children taken away
    -there would be countless news stories about "babies getting sick" or "babies dying" due to the touch f a dogs/cats tongue
    -It's not specifically that a dogs/cats tongue is cleaner, they just have different types of bacteria that aren't deadly to humans.

    Think about it:
    -People lick, dicks, vaginas, ass, feet, pits and whatever other fetishes there are. And if they are parents they kiss their babies on the lips.
    They wash their mouths true, but this is something that also needs to be thought about...if you take care of your pet and it has good hygiene and is healthy...then you are fine.

    Drewby Evanso - 1 week ago

  • Don't know.

    Eric Pages - 1 week ago

  • For all the people complaining about the dogs licking the babies, I hope you don't have kids but if you do I'll know who they are: the ones walking around in bubble wrap.

    Alex Nerd - 1 week ago


    Diamond nature - 2 weeks ago

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