Cute cats feel guilty – Funny guilty cat compilation

- September 5, 2016



Watch this funny cat video and you will never leave your cat home alone again :p

Some cats can actually feel guilty 😉 But most of them just don’t give a s**t 😛 Hope you like our compilation about cute guilty cats, share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Comments (15349)

  • 2:32 he sounds like Severus snape

    Toby Hibberd - 0 days ago

  • So... avoidance, denial, diversion and if all else fails, roll over on your back and look as cute as possible. Got it, wow I can learn a lot from a cat 🤗

    Kelly Medley - 0 days ago

  • I couldn't finish the video, baby talk is so annoying!

    harrylongbaugh1 - 0 days ago

  • 0:35 what is he saying? can any1 translate? he says the same thing like 3 times , sounds like "pa peas see oh"

    stoned barbie - 1 days ago

  • you don't discipline cats assholes! !!!!

    Connor Hilpert - 1 days ago

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